15 Jar Opening Methods That Don't Work (And What to Do Instead)

Bang Bang

1. Bang the base of the jar against a hard surface.

2. Hit the edge of the jar against a hard object at a 45-degree angle.

3. Tap on the lid with a spoon or hard object, or turn the jar upside-down and bang the lid against the countertop.

Why Not: It doesn’t work to loosen the lid, but it does put you at risk of broken glass and food spilled everywhere. Plus, banging the lid could dent it, making it even more difficult to remove.

Why do we think banging works? This is pure myth. Perhaps it’s a vestigial instinct that we inherited from our forefathers who had to invent a way to open coconuts and walnuts and other hard objects. Or perhaps it just feels good and provides an outlet for our emotions to whack things.


Sketchy Tools

4. Run a knife blade under the rim of the jar.

5. Clamp down on the jar lid with a pair of adjustable pliers.

Why Not: The force of either tool could easily break the jar while it’s in your hand, putting you at risk of cutting yourself.

Jars were not meant to be opened this way; plus, not every size jar is even a viable candidate for this technique (think a fingernail polish bottle).


Ruin the Jar Lid

6. Poke something sharp right through the top of the jar lid.

7. Damage the seal by flipping up the bottom lip with a tool.

Why Not: Poking through the lid won’t mean you can unscrew it any easier (it’ll only make it more difficult, because now you’ll have a leaky top. And flipping up the bottom lip is nearly impossible.

Besides, can you imagine successfully extracting food out from the ragged edge of the lid that you’ve just hacked through?


Get a Better Grip

8. Use a rag to increase your traction.

9. Wear a rubber glove to stick better to that stubborn lid.

Why Not: Often, the problem is not your grip, it’s the need for more torque and greater hand strength.

The Easy To Open (ETO) Jar and bottle opener gives you grip and torque, increasing your chances of success, regardless of your hand strength.


Hot and Cold

10. Run hot water over the lid.

11. Run cold water over the lid.

12. Blow heat from a hair dryer onto the lid.

Why Not: It doesn’t help. Water and a slippery object can result in broken glass and injury. Hair dryer heat can alter the composition of the food in the jar.


Go Godzilla

13. Use your teeth.

14. Place the jar in a plastic bag and smash it on a concrete floor.

15. Ask Superman to open the jar for you.

Why Not: Please don’t break your teeth. Please don’t get an unintended piercing from the glass shards that will be in the food after your smashing project. And please let us know if you have access to Superman—we have some projects for him, too.


1 Way You SHOULD Open a Stuck Jar

Use the handy Easy To Open (ETO) jar and bottle opener from Simply Smart Products that doesn’t require hand strength, banging, or any of those shenanigans. You’re welcome.