3 Tips to Prevent Jar Lids From Getting Stuck

If you have ever wrestled with a jar lid that seemed to have gotten superglued shut, you know how frustrating and demoralizing that can be. You approach it with every trick in the book, but nothing works.

It’s bad enough if it’s a jar that you don’t absolutely have to open (like a nail polish bottle when you have another color that is almost exactly the same that you can go to when you give up trying to get the bottle open), but it’s ten times worse when you urgently need to get the jar open.

So what can you do to prevent this from happening and make sure that you can always untwist your jar lids? Here are the top tips from our jar opener manufacturer.

1. Wipe off the lid before you put the top on

For sticky substances such as honey, molasses, coffee syrup, or anything else that tends to get gummy and sticky, you’re asking for trouble if you let all that sticky stuff stay there and screw the lid on the jar.

Instead, take a damp, clean dishrag and wipe down the mouth of the jar. Also, run hot tap water over the lid itself to remove any sticky stuff that might already be on the lid.

Don’t use a dirty rag or you could end up with germs on the mouth of the jar. When in doubt, use a damp paper towel, but keep in mind that for the stickiest, most caked-on jar lids, a paper towel may not be robust enough to stand up to the job, but might start to leave little bits of shredded paper behind. You definitely don’t want this to happen!

2. Put a piece of plastic wrap over the lid before you screw on the cap.

If it’s a hassle for you to wipe off the lid every time you put your jar away, this tip from America’s Test Kitchen is a tried-and-true method that is super-quick and almost always foolproof.

Simply tear off a piece of plastic wrap that’s large enough to cover the mouth of the jar. Lay it over the jar’s mouth, sticky stuff and all, and then screw on the cap.

3. Teach kids how to minimize dripping when they pour from a bottle

It’s a true skill to be able to pour something thick and viscous from a bottle and not have it running all over down the outside of the container afterward. However, it’s a skill that can definitely be learned.

Teach your kids early. Help them to notice that if they leave the rim of a container all sticky, it’ll be much harder to open the cap the next time, and let them know that you care about keeping the outside of the jar clean so that someone doesn’t touch it and get their hand all sticky.

This probably won’t occur to your kids unless you point it out, but if you do, they’ll likely make the effort to conspire with you at making your jar lids easy to open.

But what if your jar lid is already stuck and no one followed any of these tips? That’s when you need our ETO (Easy-To-Open) Jar Opener. Order today!