4 Tips to Prevent Injuries When Opening Jars and Bottles

Opening a jar lid seems like the safest thing in the world to do, and you probably don’t think twice about the fact that you’re doing it. It probably also never crosses your mind to think that it could be dangerous or that you could be injured in the act. However, when that jar lid is stuck, suddenly you begin to resort to a whole different set of techniques to open the lid. Many of these methods to open a stuck lid can be dangerous and put you at risk of injury, and we’d recommend that you avoid all these and use the Easy To Open (ETO)™ strap instead, which doubles your grip and triples your torque, making it easy to remove stubborn jar lids of all sizes.

1. Always choose the safest way possible to open a jar or bottle lid.

Hands are great, and they’re usually safe to use for opening most lids. However, when the lid is tough to remove, our number one tip is to make your first choice the ETO jar and bottle opener. This safe, easy, and effective jar opener is a lifesaver when you don’t have another, stronger person around to help you.

2. Avoid banging the jar on the counter or against another hard surface.

When you bang the jar against something hard, you run the risk of creating stress fractures in the material. Even worse, if the jar already had been dropped or harmed in the past, it may already have tiny stress fractures in it, and these may be just waiting to give way under what you consider to be a relatively gentle impact. Suddenly you have a mess of broken glass all over the place, and not only that, you’ve lost the food contents of the jar as well. It’s simply not worth it. Avoid waste and potentially getting cut on broken glass by ditching this method of opening a jar.

3. Avoid hitting the jar with a kitchen utensil or other tool.

While this may seem like it will help to open a stuck lid, it won’t. Instead, it puts you at risk of breaking the jar. The thickness of a glass jar may give you the illusion that it would be hard to break, and in some cases, you might be surprised that a dropped jar didn’t shatter, but you never know when a badly timed or misplaced hit might be the one that breaks the glass. Anyway, what good does it do? We’re not sure why people try this technique in the first place, as it simply doesn’t work to get the lid unstuck.

4. Avoid using a knife to open your stuck lid.

You may hear someone suggest that you run a knife under the rim of your jar lid, or it might occur to you to use it to try to pry up the rim of your jar lid. Just don’t. You’re setting yourself up for the eventual moment when that knife slips on the round, slippery shape of the jar and moves with force toward whatever is in its path. It’s not a safer thing to work with a dull knife like a butter knife, as blunt force can still penetrate skin and muscle and be painful.

Open your jars safely with the ETO™ Easy to Open jar and bottle opener. Order yours today!