8 Kitchen Tools You Shouldn’t Do Without

Whether you’re a bride-to-be putting together your gift registry, a college student moving away from home for the first time, or a person whose kitchen simply isn’t very well-equipped, there are a few gadgets that you should put on your list and not do without. These things will make you more efficient, get you out of a pinch, and actually spoil you and leave you wondering how you ever did without them.

1. A Good-Quality Kitchen Knife.

If you have never treated yourself to a good quality, heavy-duty kitchen knife, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. A good-quality kitchen knife is worth every penny that you spend on it (and it will be expensive). It should have a forged (rather than stamped) blade. You can get by with only one knife - make it a mid-size knife with about an 8-inch blade. If you get two, make your second one a small paring knife. These knives will quickly turn you into a knife snob anytime you visit someone else’s kitchen and work with their flimsy, dull, uncomfortable knives.

2. A Cheese Grater.

Our favorite style is a box grater, but not all box graters are created equal. The better ones are made of heavier-duty metal and have more grating teeth packed into the same area, making your job faster and more efficient.

3. A Vegetable Peeler.

Whether it’s for peeling apples, potatoes, or cucumbers, you’ll get the job done faster with less waste of peel, unless you’re one of those rare people on earth who actually knows how to peel with a paring knife. (Even if you do, you probably prefer a peeler.) Get one that has a comfortable grip and a longer blade. Avoid the cheap peelers — they tend to be too dull and not shaped correctly to give a good “bite” into the peel to get it started.

4. A Pizza Cutter.

We’ve never quite gotten the concept of cutting pizza with scissors, but what’s even worse is when all you have to work with is a plain old knife. There’s nothing like a pizza wheel for ease of cutting your pizza into 8 delicious wedges.

5. Oven Mitts.

You don’t have to be into baking to need a good pair of oven mitts. After all, everyone bakes at least a pizza from time to time, right? A nice thick pair of hot pads belongs in every kitchen.

6. A Cutting Board.

If you don’t have a cutting board and just make do by cutting against a plate, the countertop, or an item’s packaging, you are selling yourself short in the kitchen. Get a cutting board that’s easy to wash and large enough for the jobs that you’ll typically need to do. Err on the side of too-big, because it is hard to have a cutting board that’s too big.

7. A Garlic Press.

If you love garlic but hate mincing the cloves, what you need is a garlic press. Our favorite one is the Zyliss brand, because it lets you squeeze every little bit of garlic and also has a nifty tool to clean out all the little holes afterward.

8. An ETO (Easy-To-Open) Jar Opener

If you’ve ever been frustrated by a stuck jar lid that stymies every attempt to open it, you know how important it is to have an item at hand that will solve your difficulty at once. You may have tried many different techniques for getting the best of stubborn jar lids, but if you have never tried the Easy-To-Open (ETO) product, you are in for a treat. Check out our video of how it works, and buy one for your own kitchen, another for your elderly loved ones, and a couple more for the next few weddings you attend. It really works--you will love it!