The Five Stages Of Trying To Open A Stuck Lid

If you’ve ever tried to open a jar or bottle, and the lid was simply too tight, you know what a frustrating experience it can be. If you didn’t have the Easy To Open (ETO) jar and bottle opener on-hand to make the process easier, we can only guess that you went through these five stages. 


When you first go to open the jar or bottle you need, and you find that the lid just isn’t coming off, your first thought may be denial. You might be thinking to yourself, “Okay, so the lid is a little tight, I can certainly get this jar open if I just run the lid under some hot water.” Once you realize that the hot water and banging the jar against the counter isn’t working, you probably moved onto the next stage, anger.


Once your denial has worn off, and you realize you really cannot get the lid of the jar or bottle you need off, you’re probably going to be feeling a bit angry. Say you’re cooking dinner, and the key ingredient is the Worcestershire sauce, but you can’t get the lid off, you may be frustrated that your dinner is going to be ruined. You may even begin thinking about who used the Worcestershire sauce last, and how it’s their fault that you can’t get the lid off. This is when you move onto the next stage, bargaining.


At this point, you may be feeling pretty hopeless. Everything you’ve tried to open the jar won’t work. Your dinner isn’t going to get finished unless you can add the key component, and you can’t think of anything else to try to get the lid off. This is when you begin bargaining with yourself. You may be thinking, “If only I had wiped the top of the jar off so the sauce didn’t have a chance to get sticky and stick to the lid.” Or you may even be thinking, “If only I had bought the ETO jar and bottle opener when I had the chance, I wouldn’t be in this mess.” It’s safe to say you’re probably entering the next stage now, depression.


You realize that you’ve made a huge mistake in not buying the ETO jar and bottle opener, which sends you into a bit of a depression. Regret really starts to set in, and you wish that things could be different. You really wish that you had tried to open the lid of the Worcestershire sauce before you were in the middle of making dinner. Finally, you realize that you have to accept the things you cannot change.


You may still be feeling a little bit angry or depressed that you aren’t going to be able to make your dinner the way you intended to, but you’ve accepted it. You’ve decided that it’s time to move on, and you’re simply going to have to eat your food without the zest of the Worcestershire sauce, or you may even have the resolve to go to the store and get a new bottle of sauce (we just hope you can get this bottle open).

The truth is, opening a jar or bottle doesn’t have to be this way. The Easy To Open (ETO) jar and bottle opener was made for such a time as this. Whether you’re trying to open something in the kitchen or another household product that is in a container, and the lid is not coming off, the ETO jar and bottle opener can be there for you. Shop our product today, and never go through the five stages of trying to open a stuck lid again.