Whom Our Jar Grips Are Made For

We’ve all run into the need to open a stuck lid at one time or another. When your turn comes around, it can be frustrating, upsetting, and disappointing, especially if you completely fail to achieve your objective and are forced to give up. 

Whether the stubborn jar and bottle lids in your life are a frequent occurrence or few and far between, here at Simply Smart Products, we believe that everyone deserves to have a way to instantly alleviate the pain and annoyance of lids that won’t come off. That’s why we created the Easy To Open (ETO) jar and bottle opener that doubles your grip and triples your torque.

However, you may be wondering, Is the ETO™ product for me? Who is the ETO jar grip for? In the interest of leaving no stubborn lid stuck on, here are some of the folks we had in mind in creating this solution.

People with reduced hand strength

Have you ever reached for a rubber jar grip to try to increase your traction against a slippery jar lid? Have you been frustrated when that hasn’t worked, and then handed the jar to another person to open, only to watch them get that lid off without any extra traction at all? The missing ingredient for you may not be extra traction, but extra torque. And to get this, you’d need to increase your hand strength. However, for many people this simply isn’t an option. The ETO jar opener is for you if your hands are weaker than you’d like them to be, because it triples your torque, allowing you to remove stubborn jar lids, even when your hands aren’t strong.
  • The Elderly
  • Children
  • Anyone who is fighting sickness or a chronic health issue

People with hand pain

When your hands are in pain, your whole body suffers. There’s simply no way to go through the day without using your hands, but when every little thing hurts them, it’s no wonder that you go to great lengths to avoid using your hands except when it’s absolutely necessary. Unfortunately, since a lot of our food comes in jars with lids, there are too many moments when you’ll find it absolutely necessary to get a stuck lid open. Don’t put unnecessary wear and tear on your hands in these moments. Get the simple ETO strap, wrap it around your jar lid, and gently tug on the finger notch. You’ll be so amazed at how much this saves you, you’ll use it every day for every jar.

  • People with Carpal Tunnel
  • People with Arthritis
  • People with Inflammation

Anyone who gets frustrated at lids that are glued shut

OK, so you may be one of those neat freaks who always leaves your jar lids perfectly clean, clear, and free from sticky stuff before you screw on the lid. It’s all the other people around you who can’t be bothered to think about the next person who has to open that jar or bottle lid who leave it such a sticky mess that it might as well be super-glued shut by the time someone else comes along to open it. Whether it’s syrup, honey, nail polish, or some other sticky substance, you’ll be grateful for the help of your ETO bottle opener.
  • Nail Artists
  • Cooks and chefs
  • Table servers
  • Parents
  • People with OCD
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