Product Demo

The Easy-to-Open Lid Opener is very easy to use. On this page you will get step-by-step instructions on how to use your new ETO easy grip jar opener. You will find the design to be highly intuitive and so simple to use. Say goodbye to stuck lids and tops with this revolutionary jar gripper.

The Easy-to-Open Lid Opener is primarily a two-part design – the "strap" and the "lever".

1. Adjust to Lid or Top
With the word 'OPEN' facing UP, and the arrow pointing to the left, adjust the strap around the outer edge of the lid.

2. Point Arrow to the Left
There is an arrow on the lever - simply point it in the counter-clockwise position.

3. Tighten Strap
Simply give a gentle pull on the excess strap until it tightens onto lid.

4. Open Lid with Lever
Simply place your hand on lid to open with your forefinger on the lever.

(If You're Left-Handed)
Simply put your left hand over the top of the bottle - and holding the bottle with your 'Right Hand' - rotate your left hand to the LEFT (counter-clockwise).

(If You're Right-Handed)
Holding the bottle with your 'Left Hand' – place your right hand over the top of the bottle and rotate it to your LEFT (counter-clockwise).

(To Close Lid)
Once you have put the lid back on in a normal closed position, simply turn the strap the opposite direction (making sure the arrow is pointing in the clockwise position) and tighten even further. This will ensure added freshness to the food or drink item.

The ETO easy grip jar opener is so easy to use, you'll never have to worry about struggling with a stuck lid again once you have this effective jar opener tool.