Product Features

Don't let the simple and lightweight design of the ETO easy jar opener fool you. It is so unique and effective - it's patented. Yes, patented for design, functionality, and grip.
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What Does It Do? 
The special design of our jar opener tool makes it easy to open jars, bottle caps, nail polish lids, and many different types of lid tops - up to 3" diameter.

How Does It Work? 

The unique design of our bottle and jar opener actually doubles your hand grip, regardless of your hand strength - and provides triple torque of overly-tight/stuck lids and caps.

The Design Looks So Simple 
Although it looks like a simple design, this jar opener tool was carefully designed and tested to make opening tight or stuck lids and tops open easily.

Is It Effective? 
Yes. The design was thoroughly tested to make this normally difficult task very easy for anyone to open a tight or stuck lid or cap - from children to senior adults. Yes, it is very effective.

It Really Works? 
Yes. It actually works very well - functions exactly how it was designed to function - open tight or stuck lids or caps. We are so sure, we offer a full money-back guarantee.

Is It Convenient? 
Yes. The small and lightweight design can fit in the palm of your hand - and fit in any drawer, glove compartment, purse, and even your pocket. You can literally take the bottle and jar opener anywhere.

Is It Durable? 
Yes. Don't let the lightweight design fool you - it has Aviation-Grade durability and can withstand a tremendous amount of pressure.

Where Is It Made? 
The Easy-to-Open Lid Opener is made right here in the USA - with the kind of quality you expect from US-based manufacturing. We are very proud of this fact.

Who Does the Manufacturing and Assembly? 
Not only is our jar opener made in the USA, the Easy-to-Open Lid Opener is manufactured and assembled by American Veterans and the Disabled. So not only is there pride in the making of the product, we are providing work and life skills for those who really need it.

Is It a Unique Design? 
Yes. You won't find anything like it. The Easy-to-Open Lid Opener is so unique in its design, functionality, and grip - it's patented.

Who Came Up With This Great Idea? 
The Easy-to-Open Lid Opener was designed and patented by a former US Airborne Ranger. This is why he insists the ETO be made in the USA, manufactured, and assembled by Veterans and the Disabled.

How Did He Come Up With This Great Idea? 
He saw the long-overdue need for an easy jar opener tool and looked for many ways to solve the problem. Of course, everybody has struggled with opening a tight or stuck lid or cap - even men of great strength - but he knew others suffered from a loss of hand strength due to medical conditions and aging. So he got to work. He wanted to design one product that worked for all ages and strength levels. The most important component was a design that solved the problem. And to find out that it really worked, he conducted extensive focus groups with real people of all ages - from small children to senior adults. And it worked. (We think this guy is a genius). 
If you're looking for a jar opener tool to make you life easier, the ETO is the product you've been looking for.