The Myths

There are many myths out there on "so-called easy solutions" to open a lid - and we call them "myths" because they don't actually work. IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT. Most require extra hand strength or simply do not work at all. Some damage food, cause broken glass, and medical injury. Now you can stop the madness!

We've all struggled with opening an over-tightened or stuck lid. And we've heard the so-called 'solutions' - only to try them and they don't work. That is why they are considered 'myths'. 

You may have seen them before, or you searched Google trying to find a way to open stuck lids and tops. What you've discovered is they just don't work. They are always listed as 'suggestions' - and never warn you of the danger in trying it. But IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT. You can go through all the myths listed below! 

Myth One 
Using a spoon to flip up the bottom lip. Doesn't work. In fact, you can damage the lid where it can never have a tight seal again - might as well throw the food away.

Myth Two 
Using a butter knife to tap all around the top of the lid. Doesn't work. Again you can damage the lid and have to throw the whole thing away. You could even break the glass container itself and cause a mess - or easily hurt yourself in the process (medical injury due to broken glass).

Myth Three 
Using a rag to get a better grip. Doesn't work. Not being able to open a tight lid doesn't always mean you need a better grip - it means you need more strength (increased torque).

Myth Four 
Use a dish water glove. Rarely works - especially if you have decreased hand strength due to a medical condition or aging. You still need more strength. And if the dish water glove is wet, the jar or container can easily slip out of your hand and break - resulting in a mess - or worse yet a medical injury.

Myth Five 
Pour hot water on lid. Doesn't work. In fact, the higher temperature could actually damage the container or alter the composition of the food item. And since you are dealing with hot water, you can very easily drop the container resulting in broken glass - and even worse you could get broken glass in the disposal (disposal replacement requirement) or cut your hand requiring medical attention.

Myth Six 
Pour cold water on the lid. Doesn't work. In fact it could cause the lid to contract causing damage to the lid or the glass container. Again you are dealing with water and a slippery object - which could result in broken glass, disposal damage, or worse yet - a serious medical injury.

Myth Seven 
Your mouth. We know, sounds crazy right? But you'd be surprised how many people who have tried to open a stuck fingernail polish bottle cap with their mouth. Very dangerous to your teeth and your health. It can crack the bottle causing damage to your skin, clothes, furniture, and carpet. Nail polish is TOXIC and WILL CAUSE DAMAGE to anything it touches.

Myth Eight 
Apply heat from a hair dryer onto the lid. Doesn't work. In fact, heat can distort the lid, damage the food contents (or chemical substance like nail polish), or cause the glass to break. Heated metal or glass can also burn the skin.

Other Myths 
There are many, many myths out there that you may have heard about. You are told that they might work (that is why they are labeled 'suggestions' - but the truth is they rarely, if ever, actually work. Stop wasting your time on things that won't work, cause messes, cause damage to other things like your disposal (or your teeth and skin). Just get the Easy-to-Open Lid Opener and simplify your life.