People all over the world have used the innovative, patented, and unique ETO. They no longer live with the madness of not being able to open tough lids and tops by themselves. We are proud of them. How about you? Isn't it time to simplify your life.

Sometimes a jar top or lid can be ‘stuck’ and you simply need more strength to open it. For others, the cause could be a medical problem – such as basal joint arthritis, or arthritis of the hand/wrist at the base of the thumb. It could also be muscle, bone, joint, or nerve degeneration.

Regardless of whether you are currently suffering from one or more medical conditions, or simply need a little extra help getting stuck lid open, EASY-TO-OPEN is that simple tool to help. In some cases, trying to open a difficult-to-open lid can actually cause damage to your hands.

Whether for you, for a friend or loved one, EASY-TO-OPEN simply makes life more simple.

And it also works in reverse – to ensure a tight seal to keep your food fresh, or prevent the contents (like nail polish or glue) from drying out.

( click below to see enlarged images of the Easy-to-Open Lid Opener )