Veteran Owned Business


We are very proud to say that our Easy-to-Open Lid Opener products are made right here in the United States of America - and assembled by Veterans and the Disabled.


The creator of the Easy-to-Open Lid Opener is a former US Airborne Ranger who knew that the only place he should manufacture the best jar opener is in the USA. And the people he has manufacturing and assembling the ETO bottle and jar openers are Veterans and the Disabled.

Not only are the Easy-to-Open Lid Openers made of the highest quality you would expect from American-made products, but the manufacturing and assembly of our easy jar openers provides real jobs and productive life skills to those who served and to those who are disabled. That means when you buy your ETOs, you are buying American-Quality and supporting our Veterans and Disabled. You not only get a great product, but you are making a positive impact in so many lives.

Simplify your life, stop the madness of trying to open stuck lids, and make a positive impact by Ordering Now

American-Made - The high-quality, Aviation-Grade product durability you'd expect from products manufactured in the USA.

Changing Lives - Our product will not only change your life - it will also have a positive impact on Veterans and the Disabled.